Winner Lose All and Thursday at Noon are now available on Apple, Barnes and Noble’s Nook, Kobo, and Scribd, plus the Overdrive, Bibliotheca, Vivlio, and Borrow Box library e-book sites, as well as on Kindle!  If you are not bound to the Great Goddess Amazonia, now I have two great Cold War thrillers for you too. Check ’em out.  More to follow in

coming weeks as I add more of my books to those sites

Winner Lose All is set at the end of WWII as friends and foes clash over the German super-weapons technology which will determine the balance of power for years to come.  In Thursday at Noon, someone is planning a new Middle East War and only Thomson, a burnt out CIA agent, can stop them.  Check them on the other books sites or your library’s e-book provider.  Check out all my books and get a free copy of Burke’s War at