Burke’s Gamble – Reviews


5-Stars! from ‘Trailrider,’ Amazon Reviews: “Great Movie Potential!” Interesting characters, unique plot, story is plausible and would make a good movie. No loose ends left dangling and a satisfying conclusion.”

5-Stars! from ‘Trailrider,’ Amazon Reviewer: “Great Movie Potential!” Interesting characters, unique plot, story is plausible and would make a good movie. No loose ends left dangling and a satisfying conclusion.”

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5-Stars! from Amazon Customer: “I would like to recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a very interesting and exciting book where the action never stops. I am finding these books to be very difficult to put down.”

5-Stars! from joseph: “Another home run. Love these two books so far in the Bob Burke series. I think I like them so well because we get lots of old favorites and new characters also. Love the Geek twins. Always fast paced and always fun. Keep writing please.”

5-Stars! from Kindle Customer: “I definitely am hooked on this series. I can’t wait for the next one. Will it take place in LA, New Orleans or Miami??”

5-Stars! from William: “Excellent sequel to the first “Burke” novel. An engrossing tale. Not many (if any) mortals would be able to do the things Burke and his comrades do, but it’s fun to read about them. It’s what I would call a ‘beach book’…not great literature by any means but a tale that will keep you interested to the end.”

5-Stars! from G. C. Whitney, Amazon Reviews: “I can always tell when I’m reading a good book because I am disappointed when the story is over and I have to say “Goodbye” to the characters in it. That was the case with this thriller by Bill Brown. It was refreshing to read a thriller that was not about Islamic terrorists and I commend the author for taking a different approach. Can’t wait to read Bob Burke #3”

5-Stars! from Irwin Jessee: “William F. Brown is a comparative new comer to the genre which for a number of years has been headed by such names as Child, Flynn, Silva, etc., whom I have been following since they first came on the scene. In my opinion Brown takes more steps up the ladder to close the gap between him and the big guys. I enjoyed Burke’s Gamble immensely. I think it is the best one to date. With each new book Brown’s plot line seems to move faster, get tighter.”

5-Stars! from Mack Holbrook, Amazon Reviews: “Mobsters, Mercenaries, Mystery and Mayhem…What’s not to Love? Bob Burke a.ka. the “Telephone Man” is back again for more non-stop adventure. William F. Brown weaves all the different threads of this action adventure tale into a wonderfully crafted thriller. Just when you think you’ve figured out all of the details, Brown throws another unexpected plot twist at you. Set aside plenty of time to read this book, once you get started you will not want to put it down!”

5-Stars! from G C Drew: “Great characters and plot. As thoroughly enjoyable as the first book. Great characters and plot. Can’t wait for more of Bob Burke!!!”

5-Stars! from Gary S: “Another hit by William Brown Burke’s Gamble is another fast-paced tale by William Brown. I could not put it down. When you consider that I read an average of five books a week, that is saying something. If you enjoy a good mystery, you will enjoy this novel. Brown leaves nothing to chance in his tales; they are well written and well edited.”

5-Stars! from Louis Friedrich,  Amazon Reviews: “Fantastic sequel. Hard to put down even to have. Fantastic sequel. Hard to put down even to have dinner. Keep ’em coming.”

5-Stars! from Country Mouse: “Burke just keeps getting better and so does William F Brown. Bob Burke, retired military and now head of a telecommunications firm, is full of action. This is book number 2 in the series. Come on… read it!! You won’t be sorry.”

5-Stars! from Ginny Reader: “I’ve read all the books authored by William Brown and I’m a huge fan. In this book, Burke takes on the Mafia in a way only he can do. I appreciate the way Brown sets up each move, and how Burke always wins out, even with all odds against him. Burke is revered in his field, by friend and foe. The women show up and show out in this book more than in past books! I especially enjoyed reading about Dorothy!”

5-Stars! from Chicago Kathy: “After reading the first book in this series (Burke’s War) I couldn’t wait for another. Mr. Brown, you didn’t disappoint! Bob Burke and all his special ops friends are amazing. Their camaraderie is typical for men and women who bring the fight to the enemy with our troops. Whether it’s overseas or at home the bad guys might change but never our the will to right the wrongs. Burke’s and all his friends skills coupled with the money he’s willing to spend to help someone out makes for a great read. I hope another book in this series is on the way.”


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