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5-Stars! from Robert Kruger, Kindle Reviews:  “Gripping, High Octane Action!” Bob Burke, returning from a potentially disastrous business trip, witnesses a murder as his plane is landing. No one believes him. But that changes. Like a bulldog tearing the seat of your trousers, Burke holds on, not giving up. The murder is only a small part of a large criminal enterprise. Up to his eyeballs, Burke, nonetheless, reaches his stride as more evil arises and he becomes the hunted. The story combines a number of elements into an

intriguing whole: murder, conflict, conspiracy, depravity, deceit, vengeance, a little romantic play, and a touch of humor. I am especially impressed with the depth of his characters. They are perceptively drawn, multifaceted, and fully defined. The prose is smooth flowing, descriptive, and convincing. The final scenes are heart stopping action — among the best. Reviewed by the author of The Children’s Story, About Good and Evil.

5-Stars! from Donb, Kindle Reviews:  “Best Yet!”  Having read all of Mr. Brown’s books, I found them all to be extremely well written with interesting subject matter. He sets the hook in the very beginning which keeps you from losing interest due to long and dry set ups. He uses well defined and interesting characters with minimal use of bad language, sex and the other wordy issues that many authors and/or publishers seem to think it takes to sell books. Everything in the book ties together (at one point or another) rather than introducing data simply to fill a book. If I had wanted to make this review very short I could have simply said that his writing style is superb. That being said, I personally believe that this is his best book yet. I say yet, because I hope to see many more from him in the future. Carry on Mr. Brown, you’re doing a fantastic job for us readers.

5-Stars! from Mack Holbrook, Kindle Reviews:  “Suspenseful.”  Bob Burke thought he left the war behind in Afghanistan, but he quickly becomes embroiled in a murder mystery as he witnesses a murder from a plane window. Burke has to battle a vindictive ex-wife, corrupt cops, crooked politicians and the Chicago mob to get to the truth of what’s really going on. It quickly becomes difficult for Bob Burke to separate his friends from his enemies. William Brown crafts another tense page turner as he weaves this suspenseful tale of murder and conspiracy. This book will keep you up late reading into the wee night hours. Brown’s books have caused me more lost sleep than insomnia. The action in this well-written tale never stops. Brown will keep you guessing till the very end. The saddest part of any William F Brown book is reading the last page, because you never want the story to end.

5-Stars! from GinnyReader, Kindle Reviews:  “Replaces The Undertaker as my Favorite Brown Book!I started reading this book last night and fought sleep. I spent a couple of hours this morning trying to do chores. Finally, I just went to my Kindle and read this book. I finished it already, even though I was seriously disappointed that it ended. Every character – Bob, Linda, Larry Greenway, Tony Scalese, Ernie, O’Malley, Angie as well as others – is well written and complex in their dealings. Just when you think there is no escape for Bob, there comes a way. It reminds me of Jack Bauer! The entire book takes place over a few days but it’s all packed with suspense and tension. Knowledge of weapons, computers, and law enforcement practices is well played. Loved this book! Now I can put up the curtains that I meant to work on this morning!

5-Stars! from Dutchman, Kindle Reviews:  “A Very Enjoyable Read.” I would agree with a prior review that lamented there being only 5 stars possible. What a great read this book is. The use of Chicago as the setting is a special bonus to those of us familiar with the area. I felt like I was on the plane with the characters in the opening scene flying into O’Hare. The plot twists and turns in a way to hold on to the reader. When there appears no way out, the author skillfully takes the plot into another plausible turn. At some points, everyone is suspect. This is a very enjoyable book, very difficult to put down. As a CFO in a family business but not a family member, that portion of the plot is also very realistic. Treat yourself to this book–it is an enjoyable read.

5-Stars! from CountryMouse103, Kindle Reviews:  “Just Keeps Getting Better!”  And I thought Amongst My Enemies was a great book! William F Brown just gets better with each book that he writes. Burkes War is about an ex special ops military man, the telephone guy. And what a ‘telephone guy’ he turns out to be! Add an almost ex-wife, a real beauty who only wants to get her own way, then add the murder he witnesses from an airplane window, the mafia and the bought and paid for doctor, and you have a great story line. This is a must read and its very hard to put down. I absolutely loved this book and I sure hope there is a book 2 coming up with Bob Burke as I will be looking for it!!!!

5-Stars! from An Amazon Regular, Kindle Reviews:  “Suspense, Tension, Light Humor, What Else?”  Can I give it 5.5 stars? I picked it up on Wednesday morning and finished it on Thursday afternoon (I’m a slow reader). I just couldn’t put it down. I usually don’t read local suspense books. I look for espionage and international crimes. But this one had me glued from the first page and it did not let go until the end. I read some of Mr. Brown’s books and this one is right there at the top with the others. The places, the characters, the adventures all just fall into place right. If you look for a book better than the one you read last month, get this one now. Great book, great writer!!

5-Stars! from Bobby E. Argo, Kindle Reviews:  “Don’t Mess With the Telephone Guy!”  I really enjoyed this book, in fact, it only took me about a quarter of the time to read it that I normally use. I got ready to do a review, but after reading all of the other reviews, I realized that anything I could say was already said by others who must have enjoyed it as much as I did. It was hard to put this book down and go to my normal chores. I would think about the book, stop doing whatever I was doing, go sit down at the table and start reading again. I did have to pause once to recharge my Kindle. Great book, what else can I say?

5-Stars! from Garys, Amazon Reviewer:   “Justice Will Not Be Denied!”  William Brown has written a perfect suspense thriller for today’s reader; a murder mystery where the killer and the protagonist know each other at their first meeting (and a heck of a meeting it is, too). Burke is a man with skills he through he had left long behind him and would never have a need for again. Too bad for him, since he witnesses the murder of a woman on a rooftop before his plane even lands. That, he cannot ignore, and that drive to correct a wrong no one else knows about drives him until he brings justice to the dead woman at any and all costs to him.

5-Stars! from Garys, Kindle Reviews:   “Stand Aside Jack Reacher, There’s a New Kid on the Block!”  If you like C.J. Box or Lee Child you’ll love William F. Brown and his new action thriller “Burke’s War.” Former special ops officer and straight-arrow Bob Burke is mistaken for a harmless “telephone man” by the bad guys in this one, and only after he opens up a can of serious whip-ass do they begin to realize they have messed with the wrong person. Told with Brown’s usual attention to detail, this story takes you through the streets of Chicago on a tense mission to outwit both crooked cops and vicious mobsters. Bob Burke can neither be bought nor intimidated as he goes up against seemingly insurmountable odds. Brown does an excellent job keeping the tension ratcheted to page-turning levels, leaving the reader unable to put the book down. If you like action thrillers, this one delivers.

5-Stars! from Winslow Cooper, Kindle Reviews:   “Couldn’t Put It Down, Didn’t Let Me Down!”  Exceptionally well written and well edited, BURKE’S WAR grabbed me from its beginning and did not let go until its satisfying end. Tough, likable Army vet Bob Burke fights corrupt public officials and a malevolent doctor in league with the Mafia in Chicago in his attempts to get justice for a murdered woman. He’s aided by a strong, attractive woman with a lethal talent. You’ve seen the plot summaries presented here by others, so I won’t reprise it. Go buy the book if you like action novels with virtuous protagonists and wicked villains. I’m glad I did, and I plan to read more by William F. Brown.

5-Stars! from A. L. Brasington:   “Seeking Justice.”  I just finished Burke’s War. It was a page turner from beginning to end. Author Bill Brown excels in the action thriller,his style reminds me of Jack Higgins, James Paterson with no stop action. In Burke’s War the story begins with Bob Burke witnessing a murder on a roof top as his flight comes in. Shock by what he witnesses Burke investigates. When stone walled by the guilty party Burke suddenly finds himself up against bad cops, the mob and medical fraud. I like his characters and action. I recommend this story.

5-Stars! from Amazon Customer, Kindle Reviews:   “Worth The Read.”  I enjoyed this first book by Mr. Brown. This looks to be a great series. Bob Burke is a simple man who has a unique set of skills. These skills were honed in the military and now he uses them in the private sector. He stays below the radar and does not kill needlessly, but there is plenty of action and the plot moves along at a good pace. The story was very good and the plot makes you think that this kind of stuff could happen today. I hope there are enough Bob Burke’s out there to keep bad things from happening.

5-Stars! from Sam Wagneron, Kindle Reviews:   “Graft, Greed, and Chicago Mobs Infect the Medical Arena.”  Great characters, page-turning action, plenty of unexpected change-ups from the moment a murder is seen from the window of a landing commercial airliner to a city wide search for a framed telephone executive by both law enforcement and mob leaders, to a murder and kidnapping that makes it all personal. There is far more to the telephone guy than anyone knows and Chicago needs his help to clean up a very dirty city. A grand story and well worth the time. Look forward to the next in this vibrant series.

5-Stars! from Leon Mare, Kindle Reviews:   “Good Stuff!”  Indeed a good, well-written novel. For once the hero is not a muscle-bound, attractive giant, which I found rather refreshing. Towards the end there were just a little too many bullets of military origin flying around for the incident to be explained away and written off by the authorities as a ‘gang war’. But then, one should never let facts get in the way of a good story. I would highly recommend this book as a nice, action packed read. I have already started on a second book by this author.


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