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CIA Operative holding gun in front of The Pyramids

5-Stars! from Don B., Amazon Reviews: “Really makes you wonder? Based on fact or purely creative?   This keeps you running around mentally as you read it and it sometimes makes if there could be any basis for the story or is this just from the creative mind of a good author? Either way, it doesn’t give your brain any rest while you are reading it. You constantly wonder; How, Why, Who, and Where. You notice the when is missing because we already know that. Just try to put it down, I dare you.”

5-Stars! from Dee Utz , Amazon Reviewer:   “Action Packed Thriller!  Very exciting well-written story. Great story line pulled from history and placed in a volatile Middle Eastern setting. Characters were well developed and action kept you reading.  You won’t be disappointed.”

5-Stars! from Evelyn Kardon , Amazon Reviewer:   “It kept my interest. Although, I felt I was reading about Superman. I think most people would like the writing about the Mideast mentality.”

 5-Stars! from Applesmom1952@aol , Amazon Reviews:  “ My New Favorite Author!  I have not been a great follower of international suspense thriller novels, but I have read two of Mr. Brown’s in two days, Thursday at Noon and Winner Lose All. I could put neither down and I have discovered a new favorite author and can’t wait to read the rest of his books. He writes with turns and takes the reader down the road the characters are taking. Very adventurous. This is a genre I have really not followed much, but you can bet I will be reading every book Brown writes that I can get my hands on.”

5-Stars! from Barrie m “madmolbar” , Amazon Reviewer:  “Super thriller!   This is Mr. Brown at his very very best expertly entwining historical truth with his very readable version of what might have happened. This writer is up there with the best thriller novelists of this or any other era. Thank you, a most enjoyable can’t put down read.”

5-Stars! from Mike Nash, Amazon Reviewer:  “A Fast-Paced Good Read!  Thursday at Noon was a really good novel, and one about a period of time and place whose impact on events occurring today was severely under anticipated when they occurred. The story proceeds with good pace and the characters are well developed. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good fast-paced international suspense thriller with very believable characters and a truly eye-opening reexamination of the Egyptian political scene in the tumultuous 1960s.”

5-Stars! from Toni A. Brondsema “lost tb”, Amazon Reviews:  “A fast-moving, interesting, thought-provoking page-turning book. It is recommended for those who like to think while reading.”

5-Stars! from Elizabeth, Amazon Reviewer:  “Well written.  A Great read! Story line keeps you turning the pages and very interesting characters. A good read for the holidays.”

5-Stars! from Layne Wilhoite, Amazon Reviewer:  “Excellent mystery. While I don’t usually enjoy international suspense thriller novels that take place in foreign countries, this was definitely the exception. Characters were real with distinct personalities.  The setting was real and interesting. I loved Thomson, the main character and wanted him “to get the girl!”

5-Stars!  Dani, Amazon Reviewer.   “It’s a great book…. don’t miss it!  I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book. The fast pace built up to a perfect last line. I truly couldn’t put it down. You played the tension with perfection giving the readers time to catch their breath before the next chase. The characters lived up to their roles. I kept hoping that when one of the heroes went down, you kept him on his feet, regardless of how hopeless it seemed. (It was a little like the super hero comic books. However, it didn’t detract from the tension or interest.) I can’t wait to read your next book. “

5-Stars!  Rhoda Brophy, Amazon Reviews.  “Really well written!  I really enjoyed this story. The author did such a wonderful job with his characters. Very real people who were easy to relate to. There was lots of action and a very interesting story line.”

5-Stars!  Robert Krueger, Amazon Reviewer.   “Redemption!   Richard Thomson, an aging CIA agent, is on track to be a big-time loser when fate and big trouble dump opportunity at his feet. Not that he wanted to reject drink, but he does, knowing this is his last and only shot to regain his self-respect. But there is another compelling reason much more important and deadly: Middle-East war or peace. Like his other novels, this one is a fast-moving, international suspense thriller that keeps the pages turning. Thomson stumbles from one mess to another, always with action, but he also applies his agent skills in a series of deadly encounters: skill and luck. The author’s descriptive writing, describing places and people in a detailed manner, may not please everyone, but I like it because it puts you into the story, as if you were there. I remember Cairo and the Middle-East as they were in the old days, and I recognized them in the author’s writing.”

5-Stars!  Nicely done!  Great period piece. So believable I started to wonder if there may be a bit of truth to it. Hard to put down.”

5-Star!   Conrad.   Conrad Samoya, Amazon Reviews.  “ Gripping from the start, pure adrenaline flowing through the page that seemed to fly. Reminiscent of an era of international danger and shifting alliances in the new Middle East’s landscape. “

5-Stars!   ChristophFischerBooks, Amazon Reviewer.  “Excellent thriller!   “Thursday at Noon” by William F. Brown is an excellent international suspense thriller set in 1962 in Egypt. It starts with two men, one Israeli and one a hired Egyptian thief, discovering Germans and an arsenal of nuclear weapons in the desert. Only years after the wars between Egypt and Israel this is alarming news and in my humble opinion an excellent setup for this great thriller.  Most literature about that time focuses solely on the Cold War and forgets how recent the German military presence in Egypt had been at that moment in history. The action-packed international suspense thriller that follows is a fast and compelling read. The political and military implications and the historical probability are very well done and although it is a work of fiction I feel that there is a lot to learn about the era and the Middle East in this novel. CIA Agent Thomson is a great main character as the reluctant hero, the daughter of an angry Nazi rocket scientist an equally inspired addition to the cast as are many others.  The instability of the country and peace in the region at the time provides the perfect setting for this murder mystery.  I have read other thriller novels by the same author which were also well written but this has got to be my favorite. Highly recommended.”

5-Stars!   Squeak “The Dragon Mother,” Amazon Reviews.   “Great Thriller/Suspense Novel!  I would like to start out by saying that I don’t normally read spy type novels, but there is something about William Brown’s writing that keeps me nibbling at my chocolate bars well into the night. I approached this book thinking I wasn’t going to enjoy it, but with the way the story was woven I just couldn’t help myself! William Brown can weave suspense like it ain’t nobody’s business! This book is thick with spies, intelligence, counter-intelligence, and bad guys. Lots of bad guys. This book had a sort of historical fiction feel because it wove real people into the tale. I think if this was ever made into a movie, someone like Bruce Willis would make a great Thompson character. Bruce usually takes a licking and keeps on ticking, just like Thompson did. There was a lady interest for Thompson in this story, Ilsa, but there was no real romance. One thing I have noticed in William Brown’s books is that he doesn’t feel it necessary to have romance in his stories. Not that it is a problem – a spy without a lover – but I still want to point my chocolate bar at Mr. Brown and encourage him in that direction to see what he comes up with.”

5-Stars!  Helen Chun, Amazon Reviewer.  “Exciting Book and a Great Read!  This book kept you in suspense and was exciting from beginning to end. It was well written and a joy to read.”

5-Stars!   Just John, Amazon Reviewer.  “Superior!  Buy this book! This is the second of Mr. Brown’s books I have read. (I now own all of them I can get my hands on.) This is exciting, fun, and original. I usually do not read international suspense thriller books but this guy is such a good writer I am making an exception. Let me end with this – buy this book!”

5-Stars!  Ron Morris, Amazon Reviewer.  “Very exciting spy story set in 1962 Cairo!  Mr. Brown has another winner on his hands with Thursday at Noon! This is a very exciting spy story set in 1962 Cairo and involves Richard Thomson, a washed-up CIA agent discovering secret goings-on at an old RAF base in Egypt. Mr. Brown has injected some very intriguing characters into the book, ranging from a British bar owner, several Nazi SS officers, some German scientists, Israeli spies, and Egyptian police officials, interweaving them into an exciting read that makes you feel like you are there witnessing the events unfold. The book is one of those that you won’t be able to put down once you start on it. I always have reservations about saying too much and giving away the plot as I think it spoils the read for the person who hasn’t read the book. I will tell you this, buy the book, you will not be disappointed. Congrats to Mr. Brown on another literary masterpiece!”

5-Stars!  Michael “Michael James Gallagher”, Amazon Reviews.   “A Maltese Falcon Wrapped in Egyptian History!  Thursday at Noon took a while to get into. I found the rough, not politically correct dialogue and description a bit hard at first. Then I warmed up to Thompson, the annoying drunk with a Bogart like African Queen drinking problem. It is a great period piece, showing the depth of historical knowledge and cultural savvy. Boy meets girl stays Platonic and seems a bit forced in the context. Sometimes it has that smoky bar room quality of its time period. At times the descriptions might have been better played out in dialogues from the character’s mouths. The story propelled me to its predictable conclusion on the level of the plot; however, the story-within-the-story, the relationships amongst three old friends including Nasser himself, was surprising. Thursday at Noon is a successfully written blockbuster-type thriller with nice touches of 50s-style dialogue. I will read more of this author. “

5-Stars!  Colorado, Amazon Reviewer.  “Kept me guessing!  A great international suspense thriller with lots of good ups and downs along with several interesting characters. Overall, very well written and kept me guessing to the end.”

5-Stars!  Robert Scott, Amazon Reviews.  “Very good read!  This was a good read. It keeps you on the edge of your seat to find out what would happen next.”

5-Stars!   Thomas Duff – Duffbert, Amazon Reviewer.  “An enjoyable espionage tale!”  I’ve enjoyed reading William Brown’s novels in the past, and I welcomed the chance to read and review Thursday at Noon. It’s an interesting international suspense thriller tale set back in the 60’s when the Middle East and Egypt were in turmoil. Of course, that could just as well be said for now. Some things never change … Thursday at Noon was a fun read that I’d definitely recommend to people who like the spy genre. Brown creates a strong sense of time and place, and the characters have depth and complexity. The plot pacing works well, and I kept thinking “just one more chapter” as I was reading (knowing I had other things I should be doing). I’m definitely looking forward to his next novel.”

5-Stars!   Crystal Trent Dobson, Amazon Reviews because former Nazis and the Muslim Brotherhood have targets in their sights to destroy Israel, and he knows that on Thursday at noon the Middle East may never be the same again … This book will keep you on the edge of your seat. The characters come to life and make the plot of this international suspense thriller is very believable. The twists and turns in it are so surprising, there’s no way to predict the outcome of this story. Author William Brown is a very talented writer, that knows how to make a story real so that it pulls you in and makes you anything but unsatisfied. “

 5-Stars!   Jerry K., Amazon Reviews.  “Prophetic!    While this story takes place in the 60s’ it could just as well take place today. In fact, it probably is. The hero is Die Hard’s John McClane in spades and the situations he’s placed in are every bit as exciting as the visuals from the movies. A good international suspense thriller read with enough intrigue and surprises to keep you awake much longer than you’d planned.”

5-Stars!   Ralph Glaser,  Amazon Reviews   “Bond Meets Indy Jones!  This is my first review of any book. I’m glad I can promote “Thursday at Noon.” The settings were real and the characters believable — esp. the cynically incompetent officials above Thomsen. I was left wondering, actually, if this was based on some actual incident or similar situation. I’d buy more books by this author.”


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