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A Sampling of recent 5-Star Book Reviews for this Cold War Mystery:

5-Stars! from ‘Trailrider,’ Amazon Reviewer:Great Movie Potential! Interesting characters, unique plot, story in this cold war mystery is plausible and would make a good movie. No loose ends left dangling and a satisfying conclusion.”

Submarine under the water

Amongst My Enemies
Book Reviews
By William F. Brown

5-Stars! from David E. Hachey, Amazon Reviewer: A really captivating book. Very difficult to put down. Read the last 25% in one sitting that took me about 3 hours but it was worth it.”

5-Stars! from G. Patterson, Amazon Reviewer:: “A Well-written Thriller With Many Surprising Sub-plots! A very well written Cold War mystery that has lots of actions and sub-plots that keep you guessing and on the edge of your chair until the very end. Very good indeed.”

5-Stars! from Alicia Stanswell, Amazon Book Reviews:: “Great Read! This thriller novel captured and held my attention. Well written, great characters and interesting plot in this cold war thriller. I look forward to reading more by this author.

5-Stars! from WACY, Amazon Reviewer:Great read! Never a boring, wordy chapter to be found. the writer filled the pages with a “story” instead of pages full of words collected for the volume.”

5-Stars! from ONeil DeNoux “O’Neil De Noux, Amazon Reviewer:Subs and Spies Galore!  Now this was a different book that came together well. Starting in World War II the beginning was so well written, I worried the writer would stumble with the Cold War mystery part but he sure did not. I found the entire escapade truly engaging. Highly recommended.”

5-Stars! from Rebecca, Amazon Book Reviews:Great Suspense Novel! I do not read many suspense novels – perhaps it is a gender bias. Frankly, I would probably not have read this one if it had not been an Amazon special one day. It sat on my Kindle for quite a while until I started reading it this week. What a great surprise! I could hardly put it down! The plot was engrossing, the characters were well developed (even the woman), and the background stories intriguing. I wish someone would make a movie from it, and I say that as a claustrophobic woman who has hated every movie that I have seen with a submarine in it!”

5-Stars! from Sarah, Amazon Reviewer:Super well thought out book! Taking me awhile to read because I don’t have a lot of time, but I’m so happy every time I sit down to read! What twists and turns!”

5-Stars! from Sandara Fakler, Amazon Reviewer: “This was very fast and intense book!  It keeps your attention and also wondering what will happen next. You wonder how people can be like they are, without a second thought they were mean people that would do anything they could to get what they want.”

5-Stars! from Tony g. , Amazon Book Reviews: “Well written! Story takes you through the life of a normal everyday airman. Shot down in the war, taken prisoner. Forced to work with other forced laborers. Loaded a sub with stolen goods. Stowed away on the sub, and was released after he was discovered by the captain . But the sub was sunk by a Swedish patrol. Story goes on like a James Bond story. Hard to put the kindle down. You will not go wrong getting this copy of this book.”

5-Stars! from Cecil Sager, Amazon Book Reviews: “A Very Good Book! I really enjoyed reading it. This was a very accurate book to read. I would recommend this Cold War mystery to anyone who wants to read more about the end of World War II.”

5-Stars! from Renee H., Amazon Reviewer: “A Nice, Easy Read! This book had good character development and the story line was easy to follow. It’s an enjoyable evening read. Great book for the price.

5-Stars! from Wilson H. Yerk, Amazon Book Reviews:  “Good Read! “The story line was well planned and laid out, almost as compelling as a Vince Flynn novel. Will read more by this author. “

5-Stars! from Brad Thiedecke, Amazon Reviewer: “Amongst my favourite reads of the year! This book is a great read! Marketed as a cold war mystery, it has plenty of WWII narrative, a romance, high seas action and the spy dramas you would expect. The characters were engaging, the story was tight and well worth the read!”

5-Stars! from James L. Van “Jimmy V”, Amazon Reviewer: “Terrific! If you like WWII/ Cold War era novels, this one is for you. Great plot…difficult to put down. A good read.”

5-Stars! from Jim B., Amazon Reviewer:  “Who is my enemy? So who can’t enjoy a WW2 novel dealing with the major powers of the world. And to boot, a love story in the making.”

5-Stars! from Karen L. Lee, Amazon Reviewer:  “Good vs Evil with Passion! Drew me in at the very beginning and I couldn’t put it down. It is an interesting historical mix of WWII and more current affairs. It has the intrigue of a spy thriller but also the human drama of love and passion. THE main character is burdened by promises made that lead to unexpected involvements which in turn bring personal fulfillment in many ways. The author has captured the full range of good and evil in the world. Certainly will be looking for more books from William Brown.”

5-Stars! from Barrie M. ‘Madmolbar’ Amazon Book Reviews: Splendid cold war thriller!  This is a well conceived and written book which is hard to put down. The fate of Hitler’s henchman, Martin Bormann, has never been satisfactorily resolved and his life after WW 2 and eventual demise, which form part of this book, is as good an ending to him as any other. Makes me think of some of Alastair MacClean’s best work, one to read and enjoy.

5-Stars! from Kednesq050, Amazon Reviewer:  5-Stars! Very Entertaining! This is a first rate novel — easy to follow, interesting characters, believable plot; holds your attention… Worth your time.”

5-Stars! from CountryMouse103, Amazon Reviewer:  “William F Brown and Nazi Germany!  This book will be one of my favorites and I have already gotten a second book. The story is full of mystery, with a touch of love. Our American hero managed to live thru the war in which he had to help his best friend kill himself in lieu of a painful slow death, and then to find the start of a good true love, then to go back to right a wrong. Our hero was saved by a u-boat captain and in doing so, the captain lost his life and the life of his crew. Now our hero goes back and the trouble he finds thru an old German killer. This is a good book that will keep you wanting more. When I came to what I thought was the end, there was one more chapter. Very good read.”

5-Stars! from Donna Jones,  Amazon Reviewer:WWII! Not sure if this was based on 100% truth but it is truly reflective of WWII and what actually happened at the end. So much was pillaged and plundered not only from the camps but Museums, Universities etc. The depiction of the SS men and head main men around Hitler was really well done. If you like a historic who done it, this is a good one.”

5-Stars! from Jolyn B., Amazon Book Reviews: “Loved it!  Stayed up late to finish it. The book tells a realistic and engrossing tale. The author skillfully conveys the protagonist’s pain early on without being unnecessarily graphic. He weaves in the time over which the story takes place allowing the reader’s imagination to fill in details that round out the story. The result is a well written Cold War mystery which is never drawn out or dull.”

5-Stars! from Cheryl L. Snyder, Amazon Reviewer: “Enemies! This was a great book for anyone interested in some of Hitler’s henchmen and although I know it is fiction, it certainly reads as if this is a true story. I highly recommend this book to anyone.”

5-Stars! from John Barton, Amazon Reviewer: “Great Read! I’m really glad I found this author. Amongst My Enemies was a real page turner with great characters and lots of action and nice historical framework. Well done Mr. Brown!”

5-Stars! from H. N. Johnson, Amazon Reviewer: “Great Book! Looking forward to more like this one. Good historical scenes, good action and a great ending. Very good book for any action lover.”

5-Stars! from Stewart C. Wolfe, Book Reviews: “Extremely Believable! Fast paced, well written, engrossing are three adjectives that come to mind about this story. I don’t think there is any section of this book that drag. I really enjoyed it!”

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