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With 4.4 Stars on 360 Reviews, here’s a sampling of recent Amazon Reviews for this  excellent domestic thriller:

5-Stars! from Susan, Amazon Review: “A winner!  This book has it all…murder, mystery, intrigue, humor, and romance. Throw in a corrupt politician, a few ex-Marines, some warring mobsters, a computer geek, and his gal pal and you’ve got the recipe for a murder thriller you won’t want to put down. I enjoyed everything about this book from the first page to the very last. 

A solider and a girl holding a gun walking into the US Capitol5-Stars! from Cycist, “SciFi Fan, Amazon Review: “Pure Fun!  This is a sinfully fun book to read. It’s like when you were a kid and read a really enjoyable comic book… a fast-paced murder thriller with very likable characters who you want to be with through the whole ride. You will enjoy this one. The author hits the mark with all his thriller novels.”

5-Stars! from Michael Sexton, Amazon Review: “A great read! Mr. Brown did an excellent job on this book. It kept me interested throughout the book and the ending of the book was great.”

5-Stars! from Jackie, Amazon Review: “Excellent Suspense/Thriller! I love a good wise-cracking character. This book has two! The dialogue is rich with it. And since the book is written in the first person, the entire story is full of it. There is rich character development, and a nice romance thrown into the murder thriller. The plot is fast-paced. The main bad guy is cringe-worthy. I enjoyed this story and was anxiously reading to the end to see that the it concluded to my satisfaction — which it did. I highly recommend this book and will look forward to other thriller novels by this author.”

5-Stars! from Tom Slick, Kindle Reviews: A Great vacation read! “Well written whodunnit. Kept me guessing while the characters kept me interested. Fine read! Made my vacation on the beach that much more enjoyable.”

5-Stars! from Robert Krueger, Amazon Review: “A 5-Star thriller! A computer geek and an eccentric girl take on organized crime, out-of-control government agents, the FBI and the police; all are out to get them. Thus begins a dangerous run of discovery and escape. Couple this with an improbable love story between two, lucky to be alive, not so normal individuals and you have a fast-paced, murder thriller.”

5-Stars! from Beastieschool, Amazon Reviewer: “Great Story Good Reading! Brown grabs you and doesn’t let go from beginning until the end with “The Undertaker”. A love story without the usual unnecessary bedroom scenes. I did not want to put this book down.”

5-Stars! from Sam Cerami, Amazon Review: The plot of this book was very interesting and I was sorry to see it end. It is a must read.”

5-Stars! from Mike O’Leary, Amazon Reviewer: “Excellent read! Riveting from the first chapter. Could not put the book down. Suspenseful full  action thriller with twists and turns. A definite read for the person looking for a good mystery novel. Definitely recommend this book.”

 5 Stars!  from Ivor Cohen, Kindle Reviews:  “Had not read anything by William Brown before, but because it looked interesting and FREE on my Kindle, I tried it. Except for some grammatical and spelling errors (what do you expect for free right)? This was a great book, most unusual story line, different!! A terrific story, great idea well set out and am enjoying it immensely. Will look out for more thriller novels by William Brown in future.”

5 Stars!  from Karen Dahood, Amazon Review:   “Unexpected Charms!   Wow! I read the Prologue and decided I wasn’t going to like this book.  Then I read Chapter One and was hooked.  I read Chapters Two and Three.  I had to put it down and do other things, but took it up again at bedtime, waking in the morning to find I had left my light on and my Kindle still beside me.  I especially liked the juxtaposition of familiar and weird details in the Chicago scenes.  Brown has a crazy imagination, but there are enough references to familiar landmarks in these cities that you will go along with him as the plot races toward a deadline.”        

5 Stars!  from David Donaghe,  Kindle Reviews:   “I found the undertaker to be a fasted paced exciting murder thriller that keeps you turning the page.”

5 Stars!  from Shirley A. Lawson, Amazon Review:  “Great read!    This was a great murder thriller! It flowed nicely and I finished it over the weekend – something I rarely do. I’d recommend it to any thriller fan!”

5 Stars!  from Pat K.,  Amazon Review:   “Exciting!  This book was so enjoyable for a couple of reasons. First, growing up in Chicago I was familiar with streets, buildings etc. Second the fast pace excitement was just what I needed after reading a couple of dull, boring novels. Had this on my Kindle and took it with me for a doctor’s visit and for once was not in a hurry to get called into the office. Just when I thought I knew what the next move would be, William Brown proved he had other ideas. Great reading.”

5 Stars!  from Snookiesnooks,  Amazon Reviewer:  “Loved it!  Okay, I admit, I wasn’t in love instantly, but once it happened – I was picking it up any chance I got. This was a Free List find, for me, but it would have been worth a purchase. Although, had I not seen it on the free list – I may never have found it. Not really in my area of enjoyment (pre reading). Can’t wait to read more by the author in the future.”

5 Stars!  from Tina S. Kerr, Amazon Reviewer:  “This is a fast paced awesome thriller!  He is spot on with the mob action. I can’t wait for his next books to come out.”

 5 Stars!  from Star at the Bibliographic Book Blog, Amazon Review:  “Action-Filled Thriller!   What happens when you read your own obituary, along with your previously deceased wife’s, in this morning’s local newspaper? Do you leave everything alone or dig up the truth – no matter the cost? Pete Talbott’s got his work cut out for him to figure out the truth. Now he’s on the run as he tries to stay steps ahead of the villains. He feels he can trust no one but Sandy, the ex-wife of one of the other victims. Fast paced and action-packed, The Undertaker will keep you glued to your seat. The protagonists use their brains to keep a step ahead instead of being the brawny types, they are resourceful and intelligent. Mr. Brown has created a believable plot which will make you think twice. A confirmation to  many conspiracy theorists and a wonderful mruder thriller.”

 5 Stars!  from GinnyReader, Kindle Reviews:    “Grabbed me!   This book grabbed my attention right away! I just downloaded the book onto my Kindle and was up last night at 2:30 AM finishing it. Mr. Brown is a great story teller. His characters, Pete and Sandy, are very believable in what might be unbelievable situations. The plot takes the reader across several states and into situations you’re sure they can’t conquer. Pete’s analytical mind and Sandy’s feisty attitude work well together. I won’t say too much to give away any part of the plot. A great story!”

5 Stars!  from Chrissy K. McVay, Amazon Review:    “As intense as Stephen King!   William Brown has the talent of Stephen King to develop well rounded characters we love and create tense situations that keep you on the edge of your seat. Combine that with a grieving character who is smart and has a sharp wit and you’ve got someone I’m interested in reading more about. All of the characters had depth and the situations took the reader on the fictional journey without feeling too unrealistic or ‘over the top’. Pete Talbott is shocked to see his name in an obituary and at first believes it’s a mistake. Then the identity theft is repeated and includes his already deceased wife, which pisses him off. Giving new meaning to ‘let sleeping dogs lie’, Pete decides to follow the ‘paper trail’ and ruffles the feathers of some very unsavory, but well connected, characters. If you love a gritty mystery with the flavor of a tense political murder thriller you want to read this book! I definitely must find time to squeeze in his next novel. On a personal note, I loved the scene in Indiana since I lived there for about ten years.”

5 Stars!  from Garys, Amazon Reviewer:  “A heck of a story!    aI just finished “The Undertaker” by William Brown, and as with any well-written murder thriller, I was sorry to have it come to an end. Brown has an excellent grasp of characterization, and he’s no slouch at setting up scenes. The Undertaker is written in true ‘roller-coaster’ fashion, with lots of fast-paced action and just enough slow spots to allow the reader to catch his breath before the author sends the story careening downhill like a runaway juggernaut.  Dashile Hammett, one of the truly great American mystery writers, once said that people want to read about people, and Brown follows that dictum to the letter. His characters quickly reveal themselves as individuals you care for and about. Brown avoids the trap of ‘character clutter’ which allows the reader to become involved in lives and concerns of the characters he does introduce.  I look forward to reading more from this author.”

 5 Stars!  from Duffbert, Amazon Review:  “One of the most entertaining novels I’ve read this year!   This one was a lot of fun to read. I hated when I had to recharge my iPad before going further.  Brown wrote a fast-paced murder thriller that pits a ordinary systems engineer against the mob, corrupt government officials, a deranged doctor, and a few other characters along the way.  The premise was interesting, and Brown’s characters made this a joy to read.  It is well worth downloading to your Kindle (or Kindle app).  Once you do, block out some time and settle in for some excellent entertainment.  This ended up being one of my favorite recreational reads this year.”

 5 Stars!  from Free Book Reviews,  Amazon Review:      “This is one action packed ride, a by the seat of your pants read, and you will never want to put it down.    The author does well to spin a story that both intrigues the mind and stokes the conspiracist in us all.    It moves you right along with his wit and writing style.   Fast Paced like a serial killer wants to be.  Don’t believe me, then read it.”


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