Burke’s Rescue

Bullets, Bombs, Drones, and still more Mayhem! In Burke’s Rescue, Bob Burke’s action thriller #6 with 4.5 Stars on 284 Amazon Reviews and 4.5 Stars on Goodreads.

He’s “the Ghost,” a former Army Ranger and Delta Force Commander.  Mild-mannered and slight of build, this telecommunications company executive is often dismissed as the “telephone guy,” but that can be a big mistake. He’s one of the most lethal killers the US Government has ever produced, and if you kidnap one of his old friends, whether that’s in Chicago, Miami, Moscow, Armenia, or Azerbaijan, he’s coming to get him out. Then, he’s coming to get you. And he’s not coming alone.

With Bombs going off outside the Moscow Central Police Station, another bomb outside the front door of Sherwood Forest, and Bob Burke’s Russian Army pal, Colonel Volodya Rostov kidnapped while on a goodwill mission to war-torn Armenia, someone has some explaining to do, even if he lives in the Kremlin, and payback is always a bitch!

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