The third new cover we designed this week was for “Winner Lose All” my spy-versus-spy action-adventure cold war thriller.

As WW II grinds to a halt in the rubble of Nazi Germany, all eyes turn to the next ‘cold’ one. The Americans, the Russians, and the British know the future belongs to whoever can grab Hitler’s ‘Wonder Weapon’ technology, because his new rockets, jet fighters, and submarines will shape the balance of world power for decades to come.

Old enemies become tomorrow’s allies, old friends can’t be trusted, and lies and double-dealing are the norm in this spy vs spy thriller.

But some times, love is not enough. Caught in the cross-fire is the torrid but impossible love affair between Ed Scanlon, a brilliant American OSS agent and Hanni Steiner, the gritty, street-smart leader of the communist resistance cell in Leipzig, who find themselves in a tug of war over the plans for Germany’srevolutionary Me-262 jet fighter that is now sweeping the skies of American B-17s. To succeed, they must outwit each other while staying one step ahead of OttoDietrich, the sadistic Gestapo Chief of Leipzig, who has his own plans for the jet fighter plans. So does Scanlon’s perfidious British handlers and Hanni’sKGB masters in Moscow.

Driven by the uncompromising dictates of Josef Stalin, Lavrenti Beria, Allen Dulles, Heinrich Himmler, and Winston Churchill, Ed and Hanni must succeed or die, and the winner will indeed lose all.