Viiet Nam, Viet Nam WarsIt took some doin’, but my Our Vietnam Wars series, Volumes 1-4,  have now been published in paperback by IngramSpark, a distributor to most Public Library systems in the country.  Acquisitions by libraries are usually controlled by the librarians and run through various co-ops and suppliers, of which IngramSpark is one. They use both the title and the ISBN number to identify books. To get it in your local library, ask your librarian to order them from IngramSpark. The books have been a great help to veterans of all services by showing they are not alone. Get copies in your library to help spread the word. The books are brand new to the system. They may not be in their lists or catalogues yet, but they can be ordered by the ISBN.

Our Vietnam Wars, Volume 1:   ISBN: 978-1087-93548-5

Our Vietnam Wars, Volume 2:   ISBN: 978-1087-93595-9

Our Vietnam Wars, Volume 3:   ISBN: 978-1087-93598-0

Our Vietnam Wars, Volume 4:   ISBN: 978-1087-93608-6

All four books are also available in Kindle e-books, Amazon paperback, and Audible audiobooks.

Want to know what Vietnam was really like? Real stories told by real people, in their own words, 100 veterans, men and women, caught up in an all too real war. From the Delta to the DMZ, come walk in their boots. If you were there, you understand. If you weren’t, grab a copy and you will, because they’re like Doritos. Try a few and you won’t be able to stop. 252 photographs and 4.7 Stars on over 300 customer reviews.

As we all knew, Vietnam was all about luck, good or bad. And there were hundreds of different wars depending on where you were, the year you were there, your service, branch, unit, rank, job, and race. Whether we were truck drivers, helicopter pilots, infantryman, clerk typists, medics, engineers, MPs, sailors out on Yankee station, artillerymen, or cooks, from 1956 to 1976 from the Delta to the DMZ, these stories tell who we were, the jobs we did, our memories of that time and place, how it changed us, and what we did after we came home. Hopefully, these books will help correct that narrative.