If you are one of those people who like a real, tactile, physical, new coversJohannes Gutenberg-type paper book in your hands, I have come over from the “dark side” and published my four Bob Burke ebooks in PAPER, just for you.  The Great Goddess Amazonia makes them available on each of the book pages and you can order them and she’ll have them printed and shipped to your door by her Kindle minions.  Won’t that be fun!

Who is Bob Burke?  An undersized former Army Delta Force Major who served four tours in Special Ops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now a telecommunications company executive dismissed as simplyBurke's Samovar the Thriller“phone guy.” But whether he’s carrying a .50-caliber Barrett sniper rifle, a tactical knife, or just his bare hands, he’s the most lethal killing machines the US Government ever produced.  While he’d like nothing better than to kick back on his North Carolina farm, trouble has a way of seeking him out. First the  Chicago Mob, then the New York Genoveses and Luccheses, a home-grown ISIS cell, and most recently the Russian Mafia, payback is always a hoot!