Burke's SamovarThis time he’s tusslin’ with the Russian Mob and ‘The Czar’ himself in the Kremlin!

When the Russian Mafia in Brighton Beach steals his company’s Army software contract, blows up his office building in Chicago, and attacks Sherwood Forrest, enough is enough!

Time to take break up their operation in Brooklyn, take their ‘lunch money,’ kick some butt, and make a house call on their boss in his Dacha back in Moscow.

Undersized, underestimated, and now a telecommunications company executive, Bob Burke is often dismissed as simply the “phone guy,” but as his former Delta sergeants will attest, whether he’s carrying a .50-caliber Barrett sniper rifle, a tactical knife, or just his bare hands, he is one of the most lethal killing machines the US Government ever produced.  Here’s the Link:


With the help of the Merry Men, a Russian Army Colonel, Sasha the Mad Russian, sniper rifles, of course, and plenty of plastic explosives, for Bob Burke’s it is Game On!

Like Burke’s War, Burke’s Gamble, and Burke’s Revenge the action is nonstop! It’s time for some serious payback and a taste of revenge.