Viiet Nam, Viet Nam Wars

A big Amazon pick! Want to know what Vietnam was really like? If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, go to the free offerings and download a copy of Our Vietnam Wars, Volume 1. Real stories. Real people caught up in an all too real war. It contains the personal stories of 100 veterans, men and women, black and white, Army, Marines, Air Force, and Navy, even some Aussies and Kiwis who served. Whether we were truck drivers, helicopter pilots, infantryman, clerk typists, medics, engineers, MPs, sailors out on Yankee station, artillerymen, or cooks, from 1956 to 1976 from the Delta to the DMZ, these stories tell who we were, the jobs we did, our memories of that time and place, how it changed us, and what we did after we came home.