Yesterday I released a 3-book boxed set of my Bob Burke Action-Adventure Series. Now, you can get the whole saga, all three books in one edition, and at a 33 percent discount from the normal Kindle prices. Together, they have a 4.6 Star rating and 482 Five-Star reviews. The box set contains Burke’s WarBurke’s Gamble, and Burke’s Revenge.

Think the American Sniper meets The Godfather and Bob Lee Swagger takes on Islamic terrorists from Isis. Mild-mannered and slight of build, this telecommunications company executive is often dismissed as the “phone guy.” But Bob Burke is a former Army Ranger and Delta Force commander, who spent four tours in Iraq and the rugged mountains of Afghanistan, and he is one of the most lethal forces of nature the US government ever produced.

In Burke’s War, he sees a murder taking place, and he isn’t the kind of guy to leave something like that alone, despite corrupt cops, Mafia hit men, a psycho doctor, and a vindictive ex-wife who is trying to take his business away.

In Burke’s Gamble, when one of his men is thrown off the fifth floor of an Atlantic City casino run by the mob, payback’s going to be a hoot!

And in Burke’s Revenge, when a home-grown ISIS cell strikes the Special Operations leadership and command structure inside Fort Bragg itself, in Delta’s own Fayetteville North Carolina backyard, it’s time to strike back.

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