Our Viet Nam Wars has been ranked #1 New Military History Books, #1 in books on theViiet Nam, Viet Nam Wars Vietnam War, #1 in books on Veterans, and has 4.7 Stars on 86  Amazon Reviews. I put it on a special Kindle $0.99 Sale today, 80% off so more people would read it.

It is not just another war book. It contains personal interviews with 100 Viet Nam Vets — Army, Marines, Navy, and Air Force, from 1955 to 1975, men and women, black and white, infantry, truck drivers, helicopter pilots, and nurses. The stories tell who we were, where we came from, the jobs we did, our memories of that time and place, how it changed us, and what we did when we came home. We might be fading into history, but our stories resonate even more as the years pass.


When you do, look at the Kindle Reviews. They show how helpful the book has been to many other Vets and their families. Buy one, and gift a copy to your kids, friends, and a vet you know. Like a bag of potato chips, once you start reading these short but true stories, you won’t be able to stop.

It has been so popular and helpful to other vets that I’m working on a second volume. Watch for it later this year.

Thanks, Bill Brown.