Viietnam, Vietnam WarsI’ve cut the price on my new non-fiction book Our Vietnam Wars from $5.99 to $0.99 for a couple of days so that even more people can read these amazing stories and better understand what the Vietnam experience was like to those of us who served there.

It has been ranked #1 in mew Military Fiction, #1 in books on the Vietnam War,  #1 in books on Veterans, and has 4.8 Stars on 48 Amazon Reviews. This could be the most important book you’ll read this year. It isn’t another war book. It is a book about people, and it contains the personal stories of 100 Vietnam Veterans who served there.

Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines, from the late 1950s to 1975 we served from the Delta to the DMZ, and from Thailand to Yankee Station in the South China Sea. Infantry grunts, truck drivers, medics, helicopter pilots, nurses, clerk typists, jet pilots, mechanics, staff officers, repairmen, artillerymen, B-52 bombardiers, MPs, and doctors, we were black, white, and Hispanic, male and female. We were only in our teens and early twenties, but our stories continue to resonate through the years.

Breaking down the stereotypes, they tell who we were, the jobs we did, our memories of that time and place and how Vietnam changed us, and what we did after we came home.

We are fading into history, but our stories resonate even more today. They tell who we were, where we came from, the jobs we did, our memories of that time and place, how it changed us, and what we did when we came home.  The book is also available in paperback on the book site. Grab a copy of either version, you won’t regret it.

This is the tenth book I’ve written and published on Amazon and Kindle, none of which are action-adventure suspense novels.