Burke’s Revenge, book #3 of the hit series, Bob Burke Action Adventure Novels is now out in the Kindle Store.  Here’s the direct link to grab a copy  http://amzn.to/2myHx1f    Let your friends know!

Burke's Revenge THRILLER NOVELS, Bob BurkeBob Burke is back… again. Sometimes you go looking for trouble, and sometimes trouble comes looking for you. After his adventures in Burke’s War and Burke’s Gamble, former sniper, Army Ranger, and Delta Force commander Bob Burke has retired to his farm outside Fort Bragg, North Carolina. All he wants now is to settle down with his family and let Iraq, Afghanistan, and the ‘dustups’ with the Chicago and New York mobs fade away like bad memories. But when a home-grown ISIS cell forms in Fayetteville and begins striking the Special Operations leadership and command structure inside Fort Bragg itself, in Delta’s own backyard, it’s time to strike back.

Born in the rubble of Syria and Iraq, and bred on battlefields across the Middle East, this terrorist cell is led by a blond-haired blue-eyed American. Through pistol shots in the night, assassinations, and C-4 plastic explosives Rurke's Revenge, Thriller Novelplanted throughout the sprawling Fort Bragg US Army Post, he is waging a war of classic terror as relevant as this morning’s headlines. The FBI and CIA can’t seem to stop them. The Army’s own CID can’t stop them. But Bob Burke and the Merry Men and Women of Sherwood Forest can. Undersized and always underestimated, ‘The Ghost’ is often dismissed as merely “the telephone guy,” but when the bombs and the violence takes out a close friend and one of their own, it falls to Bob, Ace Randall, a female CID agent, the Geeks, a maverick helicopter pilot, and one large pit-cat to hand out a full measure of revenge before the terrorists strike a crippling blow at an even more important US military target only 200 miles away.

If you like a good action adventure suspense thriller novel, put Burke’s Revenge, this fast-moving Delta Force thriller in your Cart. It is another war and military best seller novel from the author of ‘The Undertaker,’ ‘Amongst My Enemies,’ ‘Thursday at Noon,’ ‘Aim True, My Brothers,’ ‘Winner Lose All,’ and ‘The Cold War Trilogy.’ Check them out on my web site for Freebies and Sales at https://billbrownthrillernovels.com and Enjoy!