NEW COVERS!  I decided to try some Sponsored Products ads on  Kindle and submitted six of my eight suspense, thriller-novels, which have been out on Kindle for an average of two years. The ads per se consist of the cover and a small blurb of text. Well, the “Thought Police” in far away India took offense and rejected five of my six covers. Wow! What did I do wrong, I wondered. Full frontal nudity? Gruesome Zombies? Blood and Gore? Kiddie Porn? Nope. My books are action adventure suspense novels. Some have Cold War, WW II, Delta Force, or Middle East subjects.  Why, pray tell, did the Thought Police reject them? Well, one had a gun on the cover. No guns! One had a WW II theme and had a small swastika, a US Army, and Hammer and Sickle behind a U-boat. One had a swastika on a WW II German airplane. They don’t like nationalistic symbols. They might offend someone.  Another had a rifle sight and a cross hairs. I protested and argued to no avail. Cain’t fight city hall. He who has the gold, make the rules, I guess. So, reluctantly I bit the bullet and had my wonderful cover designer, Todd Hebertson, come up with some new covers that would pass muster in far away Mumbai or Delhi.  Wow! The net result is I have some really neat new covers. These were approved, but don’t expect me to thank the Thought Police anytime soon.  Here’s the first three of the new covers, let me know what you think.

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