Brad Thor’s Scott Harvath series has become a must-read for action-adventure, suspense thriller fans looking for a good airplane or swimming pool book.  His 16th Scott Harvath book has just come out, and Foreign Influence is book #9 of the series. All of them are thick books, so he is banging them out. I’ve read most of them, and can attest that you don’t need to read them in order. I think one of the reasons this series sells well is that the main character,

Scott Harvath

William F Brown
Thriller Novels

Scott Harvath. He is the secret-secret agent, ex-Navy Seal, master of Black Ops who is working for The Carleton Group, a private company to whom the Defense Department has secretly “outsourced” the “go-kill-the-bad-guys” work they can’t legally do anymore budget. He’s the kind of agent we all hope this country would employ – one who goes out and hunts down the terrorists before they hurt us, and shoots first. Sadly, that’s exactly the kind we know it doesn’t employ, and probably shouldn’t. I think that’s Brad Thor’s view too, and, like Daniel Silva and a few others, he pulls no punches in his scathing commentary regarding US foreign and defense policy in the Middle East and how it lets the terrorist states push us around. Whether you subscribe to that view or not, the books are good reads. In addition to the non-stop action, there is a lot of violence, particularly directed at the bad guys, always on full-automatic. And there is torture, but usually of the “bomb is about to go off” type. He has created some unique minor characters, like “The Dwarf” and his big dogs, among others. Great literature? Hardly. But if you are sick or need a good suspense thriller swimming pool book, they are great. Just don’t over-think them.

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