“Jack Higgins” is the pseudonym of British writer Harry Patterson who lives on one of the Channel Islands, is 87 years old, and has and has now published a phenomenal 84 suspense novels. He is an experienced professional and prodigious writer who keeps banging them, but obviously, some are better than others. The all-time best is The Eagle Has Landed. Most of them center on WW II, Ireland,

suspense novels

William F Brown
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or an assassination, and they are all light and readable. Having read a decent number of his books, The Valhalla Exchange lies somewhere in the middle of the deck. Many of his stories use a literary device like of an old man telling a story in flashback, or a tombstone in a graveyard, as a way of transporting the reader back in time. This one takes up the long-time mystery of what ever happened to Martin Bormann. History says he was killed on the Weidendammer Bridge in central Berlin after escaping from the Bunker after Hitler killed himself. That story has many holes in it and there have been many reports of Bormann in South America long afterward. Higgins’ story has a disguised Bormann escaping south into Bavaria where he runs afoul of an American Army squad and a castle full of elderly political prisoners and generals. Well, the plot is a bit strange, but if you ignore that and like suspense novels, it makes a good airplane or read.

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