Nobody believes in coincidences when it comes to multiple assassinations, certainly not the FBI or Secret Service in this suspense thriller.  So, when Supreme Court Justices and Governors of the Federal

Suspense Thriller

William F Brown
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Reserve start dropping, in completely different ways, the President has no choice but bring in Jack McCall, a veteran CIA and Defense Department agent to track the killers down and stop them. But is it a them? Or just a him? McCall gathers together and eclectic mix of local cops, FBI agents, and computer whizzes to find out. Given the fractured nature of the Washington security world, the competing agencies want McCall stopped almost as much as they want the killer stopped.  The only one in Washington who believes McCall can pull it off is the man who talked him into taking the job — The President himself.  So it is a coast to coast manhunt from Washington DC to the Bay Area of California with very few clues and the clock is ticking. The question is, will McCall and his team stop the killer before we run out of “Supremes,” or before the killer gets McCall? You need to suspend your credibility a bit to believe one killer could pull off that many complicated killings, each unique and against a well-guarded target, but all-in-all, David Bishop’s suspense thriller is a pretty good story. The author has two Jack McCall novels out, plus others in the Lina Darby and Matt Kile books.

William F. Brown is the author of 8 suspense thrillers with over 500 Five-Star Reviews: Burke’s War, Burke’s Gamble, The Undertaker, Amongst My Enemies, Thursday at Noon, Winner Take All, and Aim True, My Brothers, and The Cold War Trilogy. They are all available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited,  and now on Audible Audio Books. You read about them  and the author’s screenplay and other writing at