“Burke’s Gamble” – It is the ‘American Sniper’ meets ‘The Godfather,’ Round #2, or Bob Lee Swagger takes on the New York City mob. In last year’s best selling “Burke’s War,” Bob Burke witnessed a woman being murdered, and ends up butting heads with the Chicago Mob. In “Burke’s Gamble,” this year’s action adventure thriller, one of his old friends is thrown out a fifth story window in an Atlantic City casino run by New York City’s infamous Genovese and Lucchese mob families.

Bullets and dice on a roulette tableSomeone’s going to answer, and ‘the telephone guy’s’ payback is going to be a hoot! This time, it will not be a simple ‘Gumbah’ hunt with sniper rifles in a Chicago Forest preserve. The target is a Mafia Don holed up in the penthouse of a large hotel casino complex in Atlantic City, backed up by a dozen of his own gunmen plus, an elite team of foreign Special Operations mercenaries brought in to take down Bob Burke and his men. In addition to own Delta Force sergeants, Bob calls on two baby-faced computer Geeks, a three-star Army General, a Chicago police detective, a female Air Force Captain, Bob’s new wife, a Russian computer programmer, and one of the world’s best pickpockets on an overnight.’ pass from Cook County Jail. From stealth helicopters to luxury yachts, and bodies in 55-gallon oil drums, the action is non-stop. This time, Bob and his ’s Merry Band of Rascals aren’t going to out shoot them, they’re going to take the Mob’s money, all of it!

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If you like a good best seller thriller novel, put this fast-moving Bob Burke series Delta Force thriller into your Cart. It is another war and military best seller novel from the author of “Burke’s War,’ ‘The Undertaker,’ ‘Amongst My Enemies,’ ‘Thursday at Noon,’ “Aim True, My Brothers,’ ‘Winner Lose All,’ and ‘Cold War Trilogy.’ Enjoy!