“First to Kill” is the first book in what is now a four book series of action adventure thriller novels from Andrew Peterson featuring the lead character, Nathan McBride. He is a cerebral CIA Special Ops contractor and ex-Marine sniper who is still healing from an earlier mission that went badly wrong. McBride gets called out to help the FBI track down the grandson of a retired FBI director who has gone missing on an undercover assignment

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William F Brown
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to penetrate a radical white supremacist, arms smuggling group. Series books are very much in vogue these days. I usually dislike them, because I feel they all-too-often cheat the reader. To me, a story should be distinct and complete from cover to cover and not simply a teaser to get the reader to buy yet another book. I don’t know how the next three books in this action adventure series will work out, but First to Kill is a crackling good action-adventure story. Peterson does a very good job on the two main criteria to achieve that ─ he has created a unique, compelling main character, and an excellent, twisting and turning story line. In Nathan McBride, we have a thoughtful, quiet, and very lethal ex-Marine who thinks before he acts. Four a change ─ unlike Mitch Rapp, Scot Horvath, or a long list of others ─ the bullets don’t bounce off this guy, or anyone else in the story. They get hit, they bleed, and the often die. First to Kill isn’t just another action adventure shoot-em up, it is good well-crafted fiction. I will read more of these, and so should you ─ great for the beach, pool, or long airplane ride.

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