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Aim True My Brothers
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In this contemporary terrorist thriller, radical Islam explodes on American shores as a small cell of jihadists seek to decapitate the US government. Most of the hundreds of thousands of people who pass through Dulles Airport in DC are tourists, government officials, or harried businessmen. Ibrahim Al-Bari is none of those. He is a killer on a blood hunt, and his target is nothing less than the President of the United States and the core of the US government in this political assassination novel. As a highly skilled Hamas terrorist with years of combat experience in the rocky deserts of Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan, he has become a legend in Islamist circles. Smart, skilled with many weapons, and determined, it will take a massive security effort to stop him. Can Eddie Rankin, a maverick FBI agent, stop Ibrahim Al-Bari, a skilled Hamas commander who has battled Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan. After losing two of his own brothers in a bloody attack on a civilian bus in Israel, Al-Bari takes his private war to the heart of America itself. Nothing as simple as a sniper in a book depository window; in this FBI terrorist thriller, when Al-Bari strikes, he will unleash a firestorm that will take out the President, other international leaders, and half the US government, national television. Rankin has never met a rule he couldn’t break, but this time his only help comes from Moustapha Khalidi, Chief of Security at the Egyptian Embassy, and Rachel Ullman, a hard-edged, Israeli Mossad agent. From the White House to Brooklyn, Beirut, Tel-Aviv, and the grassy fields of an old Colonial Battlefield in Virginia, the question in this FBI terrorist thriller is whether this dysfunctional international counter terror alliance hold together long enough to catch Al-Bari before they kill each other — and the clock is ticking. When Al-Bari strikes, it will be with a diabolical new weapon on national television as his targets go up in flames.


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